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BDSM Client - entry number two

Fond memories of my client - whose name must remain nameless.


What to do on a Wednesday afternoon - strip down at Moby's!


Out with the boys this afternoon (Josh West, Allen Silver, and Troy Weakley) playing pool and games at Moby's.


We might have gotten carried away a bit, but no one seemed to mind!


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Will Swagger
I'm sure that could be arranged. Can't speak for Josh West, Allen Silver, or Troy Weakely, but Will Swagger thinks it's a good id... Read More
Saturday, 12 May 2012 02:17
Will Swagger
Well that's easy enough to do...just use the Contact menu and shoot me an email...
Saturday, 12 May 2012 02:36

Red Ass - you bet!

It's great having clients who appreciate a job well done!  The below photo is of the same client who sent the below thank you text...




And yes, this may come to a surprise to some of you - i do have more than one BDSM client.  

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Will Swagger
Thanks Vince! I'm always up for more bottom clients!
Saturday, 25 February 2012 01:17
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Disabled from Facebook - oh yeah, and I'm Mr. Edge 2012

Apparently facebook doesn't like my blog...short story:  Will Swagger got kicked off facebook - guess that leaves queer friendly social media as the only way to go. maybe?


Anyone with suggestions send them along.  And not to cut anyone short, but no, i am not interested in having my real name on facebook - i got time enough for one profile update in my life and it's reserved for Will Swagger.

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Will Swagger gains bitch mob

Excited to learn that apparently i have my own "bitch mob" that tags muni for me.


Not exactly sure how to take that - but i like it!



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Will Swagger
Yes, i am. ;p)
Friday, 17 February 2012 01:07
Will Swagger
If you created a login, then you should see your name in the upper right corner of the page. Under your name is a link called "se... Read More
Friday, 17 February 2012 01:08
Will Swagger
Awww...thanks Vince!
Saturday, 18 February 2012 20:41
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After the shoot - random thoughts while in the shower.

Ok, so i like making movies.  They're fun:  you learn stuff, see fun places, and have great sex with really awesome guys.





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Will Swagger
That could be fun - showers can be great fun when you add more than one! Which reminds me...i showered with Brad Kalvo after sh... Read More
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 06:22
Will Swagger
You never know...i highly encourage friendly showering!!!
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 17:12
Will Swagger
Of course...i'm a great shower buddy! You have to pin me down though, and that's not easy...
Thursday, 17 May 2012 15:05
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From TED.COM - an integrated power plant that blows smoke rings and is also a ski slope!

Yes, we can have it all!



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Los Angeles - Will Swagger / Adam Russo / Allen Silver

Today i find myself in the City of Angeles - with two hot men!

Allen Silver (my guy) and the oh so crushable (read easy to have a crush on) Adam Russo.  The sun is out, the sounds of the city are in the background (yes, there are sirens), and my pheremones are off the scale.  I know there's a lot to do behind the scenes on any porn shoot - but let's ge the clothes off already!  Can't wait to play in the pile of men!

Wish me luck?  No luck involved here - unless you count getting to sleep with two very hot men!

Wish me the time of my life!  YES!

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Will Swagger
Thanks Wesley! I like to think we both are lucky to have found and enjoy one another. Hopefully there is someone equally as wond... Read More
Thursday, 19 April 2012 17:37

CharlesThomasRogers Photography is the Bomb!

I have to admit, and i don't care what anyone says otherwise, Charlie is one damn hot photographer.

On the site now under photos, is my first shoot with him.

He rocks!

Website Updates: new hot pics, new blog, twitter and Facebook are a go!


Just finished the first round of updates to the site - hope you enjoy!

New pictures from the awesome photography studios of NewMaleImage and CharlesRogersThomas studios will up soon.

In other news....Dad's Goes to College (Directed by Joe Gage for Ray Dragon Video) will soon be out on DVD - I made the box!


Happiest Pup in the World Takes break to Improve Internet!

Hello adoring Fans!

Back from an awesome trip in NY as a prebirthday celebration.

This month finds me a very happy camper - I am now officially (Facebook even says so) in a relationship with THE hottest daddy in world - Allen Siewert.  You may know him as Allen Silver, i know him as the greatest love of my life.

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Back from Burning Man - I am no longer a virgin (to the playa).

Burning Man was a truly transformational experience:

1. It is amazing what a group of like minded individuals can do when given a handful of civil laws to follow - one of which is there is hardly any negativity or litter around, Wuhoo!!!

2. It is possible to give a blow job for an hour.

3. Art has many forms.

4. Two and one half gallon showers care quick and sweet (and should be taken warm).

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Naked Kombat - tonight at the Armory

Looking forward to my first Naked Kombat!

Wish i were one of the wrestlers instead of an audience participant, but hey, any chance to see hot men wrestle is well worth it!!!

Website Updates: New pics for Escorting and Massage Pages, and...


Updated the Escorting and Massage Pages with a couple new pictures from one of my favorite photo dudes:  K.P. at NewMaleImage (  

In other news, i had the hottest little late night client - he had an ass that could make you cum just by looking at it.  Off to dream about topping hot bottoms!

Swee dreams!


Today's Massage Clients

I love my job.

First client:  beefy muscle guy who plays tennis and happens to have a great dick.

Second client: bearish bottom who has a nice back and shoulder and a big beffy butt.

Massage is fun!!!  And makes for horny Will 24/7/365!

Dore Alley Endups

Fair:  ran late, sold calendars.

Dance: Dodge over to Play TDance.

Post Dance: Time for a three-way!

Post Three-way: Time for a four-way!

Post Four-way:  Crap, is that the sun coming up?  I gotta get back to dad's house!

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Filming 29 July 2012 - Dad Goes to College

Finished my day shooting with Joe Gage and Ray Dragon.

All i can say is wow.

Great People, Great Times, and another great film to come!

July 4th Holiday

Independence Day 2011

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Sunday: 12 June 2011

It's a beautiful day here in SF.

There is sun out and everyone from here to Zeitgeist seems to be in a great mood!

Next up:  hamburgers at Super Duper Burger and then the Lonestar!

Bears, Bikers, and Mayhem - wuhoo!

Welcome to the Pup Woofington Post

Hello!  Welcome to The Pup Woofington Post!

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Demo User
Wonderful Will, hottest of the hottest!
Sunday, 12 June 2011 04:25
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