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Happiest Pup in the World Takes break to Improve Internet!

Hello adoring Fans!

Back from an awesome trip in NY as a prebirthday celebration.

This month finds me a very happy camper - I am now officially (Facebook even says so) in a relationship with THE hottest daddy in world - Allen Siewert.  You may know him as Allen Silver, i know him as the greatest love of my life.

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Back from Burning Man - I am no longer a virgin (to the playa).

Burning Man was a truly transformational experience:

1. It is amazing what a group of like minded individuals can do when given a handful of civil laws to follow - one of which is there is hardly any negativity or litter around, Wuhoo!!!

2. It is possible to give a blow job for an hour.

3. Art has many forms.

4. Two and one half gallon showers care quick and sweet (and should be taken warm).

5. It is possible to find almost anything there - even discofish!

6. It is not possible to flirt with two guys simultaneously and jump four feet in the air and land on the go go stage - i have a skinned shin to prove this.

A special thanks to all the members of Full Serve Self Serve who proved to be one awesome Camp! 

Looking forward to next year already!

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Naked Kombat - tonight at the Armory

Looking forward to my first Naked Kombat!

Wish i were one of the wrestlers instead of an audience participant, but hey, any chance to see hot men wrestle is well worth it!!!

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Website Updates: New pics for Escorting and Massage Pages, and...


Updated the Escorting and Massage Pages with a couple new pictures from one of my favorite photo dudes:  K.P. at NewMaleImage (  

In other news, i had the hottest little late night client - he had an ass that could make you cum just by looking at it.  Off to dream about topping hot bottoms!

Swee dreams!


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Today's Massage Clients

I love my job.

First client:  beefy muscle guy who plays tennis and happens to have a great dick.

Second client: bearish bottom who has a nice back and shoulder and a big beffy butt.

Massage is fun!!!  And makes for horny Will 24/7/365!

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