Chronicles of Pornia review - TitanMen: Close Up

Chronicles of Pornia review - TitanMen: Close Up

"TitanMen Fans Are Ready For A Bevy Of XXX Hunky “Close Up” Gaze" - So goes the title of my newest review on .  Always a great place for everything porn.



According to them:  "Yes, Mr. Mills, TitanMen fans are ready for a bevy of XXX hunky “Close Up” gazes through your lens capturing the hard pounding sexy stud frolics of TitanMen Exclusives Jessy Ares & Trenton Ducati with Brian Davilla, Leo Forte, Mack Manus & Will Swagger only at TitanMen."

I couldn't agree more - bring it on!

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Queer Me Now - gives my latest scene a great review!

Queer Me Now - gives my latest scene a great review!

Queer me Now gives my latest scene with High Performance Men a great reveiw.



HIGH PERFORMANCE MEN recently filmed a 3-way with Allen Silver, Will Swagger and Christopher Daniels. Director Gio Caruso told me it’s one of the most sensual, passionate and sexy scenes he has ever filmed.


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Will Swagger makes the The Top 21 Most Reviewed Masseurs for 2012 (

Just back from Vegas and excited to wake up to finding myself #11 out of 21 on's Top 21 Most Reveiwed Masseurs for 2012!


The Top 21 Most Reviewed Masseurs for 2012

In 2012 we received almost 5,000 reviews of the masseurs on That's a lot of reviews to read! All the major cities are listed below - NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Philadelphia and more. For the first time, we reviewed, analyzed and compiled the Top 21 Most Reviewed Masseurs on for 2012.

A few notes about our process before we show you the results. Since we have full and complete access to every review posted - the good, the bad, the fake, the suspicious, multiple reviews by one reviewer, etc., we took all those factors into consideration before we published our results below. However, it's a cat-and-mouse game just like anything else in the world. We did our best to weed out those reviews and those masseurs who try to "game" our review process, but after doing this for about 12 years now, we're pretty confident in our first ever list of the Top 21 Most Reviewed Masseurs on MassageM4M for 2012. The masseurs below are sorted by "most valid & eligible reviews" starting with #1 at the top of the list.

Mark - Philadelphia | Brad - NYC | Alex - Salt Lake City | Nick - LA | Marlon - NYC | Chris - Chicago | Parker - LAAlex - Las Vegas | Houston - LA | Matthew - NYC | Will - SF | Eduardo - LA | Nicholas - Knoxville | Corey - NYCTom - NYC | Mike - Phoenix | Angel - LA | Jose - Ft. Laud | Jordan - LA | Adrian - Atlanta | Chris - SF

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Familial Duties: Mom needs a Colt Calendar

Ok - you have to love that among other familial duties, mom reqeusted that i pick up a copy of the Colt Uniform Men Calendar for 2013 - she wan's to see her son in all his glory.  Go Mom!


(should i mention to her that i got it at Rock Hard in the Castro, maybe not yet.)



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All Saints Day 2012 - and the winners are:

Hey there!


So just back from Vieques Puerto Rico (more on that later) - i should have been blogging while on holiday, but hey, i'm still new at this.


Anywho, for those who don't know....

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Colt Uniform Men Mr. October says...

Hot Damn!  


It's both hot and an honor to be a Colt calendar man - especially when the back cover has Spencer reed half hard, naked and pointed right at you - now there is a guy you could service for as long as he wanted!!!



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Edging - Friday night at The Edge Bar SF and anytime you want at

Join me this friday at The Edge Bar SF for Edging with Michael Brandon - always a good time and a hot crowd.


Ragardless of whether you make it or not - also check out hot edging action from



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Got Kink?

Hey there guys (and gals if you're out there, and everyone in between).


For those of you with a kinkier side, check out these great pages from SF's very own



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Fast Friends get a great review!

Bay Area Reporter (August 9th, 2012)


(by John F. Karr)


Fast Friends is not only the title of a new TitanMen movie, but a declaration of what you'll be with the crop of new and recent faces Titan's been featuring. In this movie, that would be Will Swagger, Jesse Jackman, Stany Falcone, and Mack Manus.

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Devil holds sway over Catholic Church (still).

Catholic Church Literally Blames the Devil for Leaking Illegal Money Laundering Story

Responding to the controversy surrounding leaked Vatican documents full of damning evidence about the Catholic Church illegally laundering money and ohhhh I dunno, maybe something about the church having something to do with the disappearance and burial of a young girl in a mafia tomb, a Vatican spokesperson today literally blamed the devil for the leaks. ... 

Read more about it at one of the places i like on the internet: Unicorn Booty!

BDSM Client - entry number two

Fond memories of my client - whose name must remain nameless.


What to do on a Wednesday afternoon - strip down at Moby's!


Out with the boys this afternoon (Josh West, Allen Silver, and Troy Weakley) playing pool and games at Moby's.


We might have gotten carried away a bit, but no one seemed to mind!


Red Ass - you bet!

It's great having clients who appreciate a job well done!  The below photo is of the same client who sent the below thank you text...




And yes, this may come to a surprise to some of you - i do have more than one BDSM client.  

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Disabled from Facebook - oh yeah, and I'm Mr. Edge 2012

Apparently facebook doesn't like my blog...short story:  Will Swagger got kicked off facebook - guess that leaves queer friendly social media as the only way to go. maybe?


Anyone with suggestions send them along.  And not to cut anyone short, but no, i am not interested in having my real name on facebook - i got time enough for one profile update in my life and it's reserved for Will Swagger.

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Will Swagger gains bitch mob

Excited to learn that apparently i have my own "bitch mob" that tags muni for me.


Not exactly sure how to take that - but i like it!



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After the shoot - random thoughts while in the shower.

Ok, so i like making movies.  They're fun:  you learn stuff, see fun places, and have great sex with really awesome guys.





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From TED.COM - an integrated power plant that blows smoke rings and is also a ski slope!

Yes, we can have it all!



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Los Angeles - Will Swagger / Adam Russo / Allen Silver

Today i find myself in the City of Angeles - with two hot men!

Allen Silver (my guy) and the oh so crushable (read easy to have a crush on) Adam Russo.  The sun is out, the sounds of the city are in the background (yes, there are sirens), and my pheremones are off the scale.  I know there's a lot to do behind the scenes on any porn shoot - but let's ge the clothes off already!  Can't wait to play in the pile of men!

Wish me luck?  No luck involved here - unless you count getting to sleep with two very hot men!

Wish me the time of my life!  YES!

CharlesThomasRogers Photography is the Bomb!

I have to admit, and i don't care what anyone says otherwise, Charlie is one damn hot photographer.

On the site now under photos, is my first shoot with him.

He rocks!

Website Updates: new hot pics, new blog, twitter and Facebook are a go!


Just finished the first round of updates to the site - hope you enjoy!

New pictures from the awesome photography studios of NewMaleImage and CharlesRogersThomas studios will up soon.

In other news....Dad's Goes to College (Directed by Joe Gage for Ray Dragon Video) will soon be out on DVD - I made the box!


Check out my reviews on:



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