Experience a deeply satisfying massage by an experienced practitioner with a variety of techniques.  Which technique used and what other elements included are discussed with and tailored to suit your personal needs and desires.  Always a warm experience, the purpose of which is both to ground and uplift you.


Therapeutic:  designed to workout sore spots, release tension and generally improve your comfort level and circulation.  


Sensual: done in the buff and combining what I do for the therapeutic massage with additional sensual and erotic elements. Sensual massage is a great way to build trust, intimacy and explore being vulnerable to another human being.  In this form of massage the bodyworker is the one giving the massage and the client is the one receiving the massage.


Erotic: done in the buff and combines massage techniques with the specific intent of increasing your arousal.  Erotic massage is a great way for you, the recipient, to enjoy a relaxing experience at the hands of an experienced practitioner.


Custom/ Interactive: more than erotic, I focus on the strokes and movements that arouse you, and don't mind if you interact with me physically during the experience. The interactive massage has less boundaries than the other types and this allows for a more open, fluid, and dynamic experience to be shared between masseur and client.  I can tailor your interactive experience in one of two ways:  either you surrender to me and I explore what you respond to, don't respond to and go from there, or, you can give me a list of things you like, don't like, and I'll tailor your experience accordingly.  Most of my clients prefer this approach since it allows them to feel free to respond however they like and explore things in a safe and fun environment.

The most popular requests I get are for greek massage, anal massage, and role play.  Note:  I’m not really the drag or high heels type, anything else - just ask!  You're free to shower before and after - I especially recommend showering afterwards as it grounds you back in your body.




If you're unsure if you want the interactive or not, and you're a member of, check out the beginning of one here: Interactive Massage Preview

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