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Sex with strangers

Karrnal Knowledge

Jessy Ares, Stany Falcone and Jesse Jackman star in TitanMen's Fast Friends. (Photo: TitanMen)

Fast Friends is not only the title of a new TitanMen movie, but a declaration of what you'll be with the crop of new and recent faces Titan's been featuring. In this movie, that would be Will Swagger, Jesse Jackman, Stany Falcone, and Mack Manus.

The three scenes of Fast Friends are connected by the slimmest thread: in each one, a guy meets a stranger and they fuck. Quelle surprise! In the first scene, for instance, Will Swagger's taking an outdoor work break from an apartment remodel when Jessy Ares (just ending an excellent run as a TitanMen Exclusive) saunters by and sizes up the workman. Their amazingly terse mutual pick-up isn't much longer than this: Whatcha doin'? Workin'. Nearby? Yeah. Wanna get into something? I swear, that succinct and suggestive clincher would snare me right snappy even if it comprised the entire conversation.

Cut to the worksite, and cut to the chase. Ares has his thick and rock-solid cock out in a flash, and Swagger's showing him what sucktion is all about. Ares is soon going for his ass, and fucks Swagger as vigorously as Swagger sucked him. Later, Ares lays Swagger on his back, which provides swell views of his potent insertions, as well as the reactions of Swagger's cock. I think a basic requirement of a well-filmed fuck scene is that it lets us see both cocks, don't you? Swagger lays a pool of snow-white jizz on his belly, and Ares seconds that emotion.

Too bad there's no attention paid at all to Swagger's nips, which are pop-up nubs. Doesn't every apartment restoration have a couple of clothespins laying around?


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