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Leather is a mindset. No one knows this better than our photographers here at COLT. The aroma, the feel, the look and the restraint – it is all encompassing and not for the feint of heart. It's a way of life and a connection between men who feel the pulse of their sexuality within them. Gentlemen, we urge you to explore your deepest desires each and every month this year with our 13 COLT Leather men.


Colt Leather Mr. January Small

Cover - Samuel Colt
Inside Cover - Andreas Stern
January - Will Swagger
February - Spencer Reed
March - Phillip Aubrey
April - Scott Hunter
May - COLT Man Nate Karlton
June - John Magnum
July - COLT Man Bob Hager
August - Adam Killian
September - Scott Carter
October - Shay Michaels
November - Marc Dylan
December - Samuel Colt


Colt Leather Back Small

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