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A man in uniform is like no other. Be he a fireman, a captain, an officer or a gentleman, and COLT could not resist bringing back this classic theme and putting their COLT Men in their dress finest. Colt presents to you with 13 examples of COLT Men donning nothing but their finest. Enjoy!

Good Cop Bad Cop


It's a pretty damn sweet thing when your friend calls as says:  did i just see you on a Colt calendar?


Cover - Adam Killian

Inside Cover - Spencer Reed and Samuel Colt

January - COLT Man Nate Karlton

February - Spencer Reed

March - Scott Hunter

April - Todd Maxwell

May - Samuel Colt

June - Marc Dylan

July - Samuel Colt

August - COLT Man Bob Hager

September - Shay Michaels

October - Will Swagger

November - Spencer Reed

December - Adam Killian


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